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Impresiones Intimas (2014)

Ambrosio Valero, named in Vienna Bösendorfer Spanish first artist in history.


Intimate Impressions, among the best albums of June 2014 by ‘Ritmo’ Magazine



J. S. Bach /F. Liszt. Prelude and Fugue in A minor BWV 543W.

A. Mozart. Rondo in A minor K 511F.

Schubert. Piano Sonata in A minor D 537 Op. 164

F. Mompou. Impresiones Intimas

E. Granados. Quejas o La Maja y el Ruiseñor (Goyescas)




[...] "First highlight the manner in which Ambrosio Valero extracts the sound colour of this whole repertoire offering a colourful fresh and really poetic combination as if a rainbow was uniting in its ends Bach and Granados and took into Mozart, Schubert, and Mompou its colour zenith. The way Ambrosio Valero addresses this creative corpus, which runs different aesthetic moments in the history of music, makes us feel that invisible connection and turns it into a microcosm sound. Something really magical "[...].


Aprill 2014. Manuel López-Benito 




[...] "In the extreme passion and elegance in the Andantino quasi Allegretto movements, he brings the aesthetic change with Schubert's Sonata D 537, which allows us to go into a sound world in which Valero moves with great ease, as it was recognized in the competition "Maria Canals", leaving proof in these miniatures of a great artistic rigor approaching them with intimacy, spirituality and sound refinement that this dangerous music requires.”


June 2014. J.L.A.



[...] "Valero is a musician, a lover of the beautiful sound, the care on the pulse, the essential respect for the style and the use of technique as an expressive vehicle, not as a personal exhibition. I have been fortunate to listen to Ambrosio Valero live and I claim you can enjoy in this recording a similar feeling to what can be felt in the theatre but with the possibility to capture it to our liking. "[...]


                               August 2014. Juan Francisco de Dios

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