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Ambrosio Valero, Bösendorfer artist



“Originality and perfection techniques are qualities that characterised Ambrosio Valero. […] With a pianissimo full of lyricism and poetry. […] Ambrosio is a pianist with a deep perception of music and with an unmistakable and personal sound. […] One of the most important values of the piano actually".


Julia Alonso, Ritmo



He was born in Granada at the bosom of a musicians’ family. He was introduced in his music’s studies by his father at the early age of four.

He had received advice from maestros as important as Joaquín Achucarro, Daniel Barenboim, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Jean Phillippe Collard, Ramón Coll, Christopher Elton, Bruno Canino, Pascal Rogé, Jorge Luis Prats, Manuel Carra, Antonio Iglesias, Xenia Knorre, Daniel Blumenthal, or Krystyna Makowska, among others. Indeed, he received a scholarship as a student at “Música de Compostela” International Course, entirely dedicated to the Spanish music and he is undergraduate expert in the piano speciality by the Andalusian International University with the distinction “Cum Laude”. He finished the Superior Grade of Music with the piano’s speciality at “Real Conservatorio Superior de Música Victoria Eugenia” in Granada. He was supervised by Professor Antonio Sánchez Lucena and got first-class honours.

His activity as a soloist has brought him to play round the world. Apart from his activity in recitals in national and international category, he is an assiduous guest in orchestras as a soloist and is founder membership in the Andalusian Contemporary Ensemble. Equally, he had made recordings at the Spanish Television, the Spanish National Radio, and the Bulgaria National Television.

Ambrosio Valero is owner of many national and international prizes as the National Prize “Manuel de Falla” and the National Piano Competition “Ciudad de Albacete”, in which he got every possible prize: prizes were dedicated to the best interpretation in Beethoven’s music, the best interpretation in Chopin’s music, and the best interpretation in Spanish Music, apart from the First Prize.

Also he had been regarded by Cervantes Institute and in many different competitions as “Delia Steimberg” International Piano Competition, “Ibiza” International Piano Competition, “Rotary Rotaract” International Piano Competition, “Frechilla-Zuloaga” International Piano Competition, special prize for the best interpretation of Mompou’s work, and special prize as he got the best results as Spanish pianist at “María Canals” International Piano Competition in Barcelona.

Recently, he had been mentioned as the first Spanish Bösendorfer artist in Viena, which leads him to be the international image of the centenary pianos’ construction company. His album “Impresiones Intimas” received the best reviews in magazines as “El Arte de la Fuga”, being situated at the parade of “Ritmo” magazine as one of the best recording works in its issues. 


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