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Ambrosio Valero at Iván Galamian Academy

July 20

Ambrosio Valero will offer classes next term at Iván Galamian Academy, located at Malaga. Classes will take place at “Museo Interactivo de la Música” in Malaga starting next September. 

Ambrosio Valero will be shortly at “Festival de Villanueva de los Infantes”

July 18

Ambrosio Valero will offer a concert next 29th July at “Alhóndiga” historic palace during the “Festival de Villanueva de los Infantes”. The pianist will be the person in charge of opening the season in which he will play works of Chopin or Granados. 

“A display of technique and passion from Valero”.

June 29

Jose Antonio Lacárcel (journalist from IDEAL) provides a great review about the concert offered by Ambrosio Valero at “Festival de Música y Danza de Granada”. 

Ambrosio Valero will perform a recital at “Festival de Música y Danza de Granada”.

May 3

Ambrosio Valero will offer a recital at “Música en Palacio” season at “Festival de Música y Danza de Granada”. He will perform Mozart sonata no. 10 K330, Schubert Sonata C 537, and Chopin’s four ballades. 

Bösendorfer will be presented in Barcelona

March 18

Ambrosio Valero attended as the Spanish only representative at the presentation of the new Vienna Concert 280 piano in Barcelona. The event was full of great pianists as Iván Martín or Ramón Coll.

Concert in Jeans was a success in Granada.

March 11

Concert in Jeans was a success at “Auditorio Manuel de Falla”. The event was well received by the audience, who got full the hall in another exhibition of Concert in Jeans. Ambrosio Valero, accompanied by the violinist Jesus Reina and the cellist Alberto Martos, performed Beethoven Triple Concerto. 

Ambrosio Valero is interviewed.

March 5

He is interviewed at “Casa Museo Manuel de Falla” in Granada as he will offer a concert there. What is Concert in Jeans? This and several questions are available at this new video in Drop Artist channel. More

Ambrosio Valero will play at the biggest piano in the world during three charity concerts.

December 2015

The pianist Ambrosio Valero, who is the first Bösendorfer Spanish artist in the history, will offer three Christmas charity concerts with the biggest piano in the world in Malaga, Granada, and Estepona (Malaga) with the aim to help Andalusian families going through bad economic situations. 

Ambrosio Valero in Sociedad Filarmónica de Málaga

December 2015

Ambrosio Valero in Sociedad Filarmónica de Málaga in Spain

Christmas concert with Damon Robinson

22 December

A concert with plenty of surprises, where Ambrosio Valero and Damon Robison will offer a varied programme. It will take place at “Teatro Mira De Amezcua” in Guadix (Granada). 

A charity Christmas with the music as protagonist

December 23

Coming charity concerts in different cities will take place in cooperation with INPAVI NGO. The fundraising will be set aside for families who are surrounding us and affected by the crisis. 

Musical event at Dusseldorf

November 2015

Ambrosio Valero takes part in Dusseldorf musical events in Germany during the season 2015/16. In such events, several musicians from different countries are dated in order to discuss about the future of music and establish ties for future projects. 


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Ambrosio Valero, named in Vienna Bösendorfer Spanish first artist in history.

Intimate Impressions, among the best albums of June 2014 by ‘Ritmo’ Magazine

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